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At Fitness in Motion, our small group training sessions are always limited to 5 clients, so you get guidance and attention from a personal trainer every time you workout. We also believe in using a system of 5 week progression periods for our programs for the following reasons:

·To promote commitment to a beneficial, achievable training period
·Help to avoid training plateaus by incorporating variety in the workouts
·Offer a specific focus to avoid burnout and boredom in your workouts

30 Minute Sessions
This fun and challenging 30 minute interval class is a mix of cardio, strength, and endurance exercises. By using your own bodyweight, dumb bells, medicine balls, resistance bands and a variety of other equipment, you will burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Intermediate – Advanced

This efficient 30 minute Kinesis™ only express session will help you have the energy you need to get through your day. You get a full body workout that includes both cardiovascular and strength training in only 30 minutes. The session moves quickly and is a more Intermediate level of Kinesis™.

55 Minute Sessions
Focus on introductory Kinesis™ movements to increase basic level of balance, strength and flexibility. Integration of basic core strength exercises and flexibility training for last 15 minutes of session.

Advanced level of Kinesis™ movements with longer duration and the added challenge of balance and intensity.  Medicine balls, stability balls, rollers, and bosu balls are utilized to increase intensity and challenge.  Burn up to 30 % more calories than traditional training methods!

Pilates/Kinesis Fusion
Combines the principles of Pilates with the creativity of Kinesis™ for a workout like no other!  Explore your core in a new way as you create mobility, stability and a healthier you!

Private Sessions:

If you are looking to work privately with a personal trainer, we will put together a program just for you. We know that in order to reach your fitness goals you are going to need guidance, support and encouragement. We will take a personal interest in ensuring you accomplish what you set out to and enjoy the journey as well.

We offer Diet Assessments and Eating Plans, Customized Training Programs, and Health and Fitness Assessments in addition to our training sessions. See a complete description of these services under the “Additional Services” tab.

Please call Fitness in Motion for information on availability and pricing of personal training appointments.

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